Spring Boating: Trailer Maintenance

If you’re a boat owner, you’re undoubtedly anticipating the day that you’ll launch your vessel for her maiden voyage for this year. You’re probably aware of the importance of having your boat’s engine, propellers, hulls, electrical systems, and other physical and mechanical components checked out. You don’t want to head out until you’re certain your boat is in good working order and is safe for you and your passengers. But before you can launch your boat, you’ve got to get it to the water. In many cases, this involves carrying it via trailer.

A Trailer Malfunction Can End Your Trip Before It Begins

Imagine the frustration you would feel if you had planned your spring launch, had your boat serviced, purchased provisions, invited friends and family to join you, and and your trailer failed while hauling your boat to your launch point. A trailer malfunction can put an immediate end to the most carefully planned outing, and can also jeopardize your safety. As you prepare for the upcoming spring boating season, heed these trailer maintenance tips from Discover Boating.

  • Evaluate all tires, including the spare. Make sure they’re properly inflated. If the tread appears worn, consider investing in a new set.
  • Make sure wheel bearings are tight and greased (or have them replaced if they appear rusty).
  • Enlist a friend’s help to check for burnt out tail lights, brake lights, and turn-signal lights.
  •  Evaluate the condition of rollers and support pads.
  • Make sure safety chains are installed securely.
  • Test your trailer winch to make sure it’s operating smoothly.

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