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Taking Your Boat Outside the US? Make Sure Your Insurance is Ready

Taking Your Boat Outside the US? Make Sure Your Insurance is Ready

There are countless gorgeous ocean destinations within the United States, but sometimes it’s not enough to travel under U.S. waters, especially when you’re full of wanderlust and itching for new experiences. It’s okay to take your boat into international waters, as long as you’ve done your research on everything from boat insurance coverage to logistical requirements.

Going to a foreign place can often mean a lot of excitement. It’s one thing to fly to somewhere you’ve never been to before; it’s another thing to take your boat into international waters. This is when an insurance agent is important because without them you won’t know what your policy covers and whether you’ll be protected in another country’s territory. If you need more coverage, they’ll be able to point it out and help you prepare for your trip. 

What is The Difference Between International and Foreign Waters

The first thing any boater needs to know is the types of water that they’re going to be operating in. There’s three types: domestic, foreign and international. These are the important jurisdictions that you need to know because boat insurance coverage is going to vary among each of them. This is how they differ from each other:

  • Domestic waters – This is when all of the rules are enforced by the US government. Generally, federal maritime law and state regulations are used in this case. There are some usage restrictions involved considering the time, manner and place of use, and some places will be off-limits completely.
  • Foreign waters – The rules here aren’t enforced by the US. They are enforced by the countries that own them. If you want to take you boat into these parts, you might have to get permission from the country’s maritime authority to make it possible. You might need certain permits, visas or other qualifications.
  • International waters – No one has jurisdiction over international waters. But there are international agreements to govern these waters, so it’s not like the Wild West out there. Maritime law can get complicated, but remember that whoever’s flags the country is flying are who you’re going to have to obey.

Traveling broad like this often causes changes in your boat insurance coverage. This is why it’s so important to make sure you’ve got the right coverage that can handle all of your traveling needs.

Boat Insurance in International Waters

Most policies are only functional in US waters, with some covering certain venturing into Canadian waters. When traveling abroad, you’re going to need extensive coverage. This includes adding secondary international coverage to your policy for you and your rider. On top of that, you  need to make sure you have proper documentation on board. This way there’s no problems once you enter international waters. Once you have the proper coverage and papers in place, you’re ready to travel far and wide. Put that wanderlust out there and see the world in a brand new light through the waves of the sea.

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