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The Best Boating Activities for the Fall

The Best Boating Activities for the Fall

Over 87 million individuals participate in recreational boating activities year-round, according to data from Statista. No matter what time of year it is, boating is always fun—it’s a family affair that everyone can be a part of. The industry is booming year round, although some seasons are more preferable than others depending on what kinds of activities you’re interested in.

Spring, summer and fall boating seasons all differ for their own reasons. And with fall boating season around the corner, it’s time to prepare for all the activities that are to come. Having Boat Insurance for the season is an absolute must. Here’s a list of the best boating activities for the fall, courtesy of Monterey Boats and MarineMax Stores.


A new activity that you and your friends can participate in is sterngating. Seek a local sport franchise out that has a facility near or on the water, available for use. Trips can be organized and boating can be enjoyed all day. If you can’t sterngate within your range, host a party at your local marina and watch the games on your boats. For a list of sterngating sporting venues, visit a small list here. Sterngating a fun way to be involved with your boating community, but it’s just one of many things you can do during fall that’s exciting.

Fall Fishing

Fall is probably the best time of year to partake in fishing. It’s when fish are migrating and preparing for the winter. You can most likely find a small tournament being hosted locally where you can participate.

Dockside Restaurants

Visiting dockside restaurants during the fall is another great activity to take part in with your friends. When planned in advance, restaurants can better cater to your group’s needs, and, groups can often get special food and drink rates not generally offered to the public. As you plan your group get together, be sure to post it across social media platforms.

Fall Boat Shows

Boat shows happen everywhere, and your boat can be a part of it. Find out what your area offers for both local and regional shows. Make sure you have Boat Insurance before doing this, however, as boat shows have been found to have a heightened risk of accidents such as slip and fall incidents.

Comfortable Cruising

It’s no secret that temperatures drop during the fall, making it that much more fun to cruise around on your boat. Whether you live north or south, it’s safe to agree that lower temperatures are better. There’s nothing like a brisk fall breeze to get you awake and ready for some boating activities.

Vivid Landscapes

There’s some amazing photos that come out of fall. Whether it’s a sunrise or sunset, the landscapes are absolutely beautiful. Being able to capture a piece of nature through photography is another fun fall boating activity. See what kind of pictures you can come up with.

While summer has more hours to spend with family, fall boating is that much more precious because of time. There’s fall events, classes and seminars that can be attended to, in addition to the activities listed above. As long as you have Boat Insurance, any activity you choose will be fun, safe and memorable.

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