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The Best DIY Updates You Can Make to Your Boat

The Best DIY Updates You Can Make to Your Boat

Buying a new boat is nice, but some revel in the work and time it takes to renovate something that they have. That kind of sentimental value holds true as you want to spruce up your old boat. It’s like going to a Hot Rod and seeing old cars with new engines, fancy paint, and far more amenities than the original had to offer.

It’s possible to keep the original beauty of a boat while ensuring that it’s up to code and standard.  There’s no point in putting money into the renovation of a boat if it’s going to break down or sink. As a boat owner, you know what’s best for your time and budget. Cleaning up an old boat isn’t exactly on the cheap side. However, this is a boat that can be passed down to your next of kin. And the end results are totally worth it for those who deeply love the art of restoration.

If you’re looking for an upgrade, but aren’t quite ready to buy a new boat, here are some of the best updates you can make yourself to your boat, courtesy of Boat Planet.

Always Keep Your Boat Clean

Start off with the hull and deck. They’re highly used, which means giving them a good paint job every now and then makes your boat look a tad friendlier once entering any marina.

If your boat is just short of looking like a pirate ship, it’s just going to scare people away. First impressions are everything: apply that thought to your boat as you fix it up as well. Cleaning the hull and deck will probably be the easiest task at hand, though tedious. You’ll be amazed at what a simple cleanup and touchup can do for your boat’s appearance!

Maintain and Replace the Cockpit Vinyl and Carpet

Your entire cockpit is visible to you, your crew, your guests and those at the marina at all times. Having a pristine cockpit will help drive socially others to your boat. In fact, you might make some acquaintances along the way.

But if the vinyl is beyond cleaning with a protectant, it’s time to consider marine-grade vinyl paint that will completely bring your seats back to life without having to rip all of them out and replacing them.

There’s also marine-grade carpeting for replacement when the carpet gets too worn. If you’re using wood or some other material, make sure you know the exact steps to keep your boat looking like a beauty.

As you work on your boat, take care to ensure that your efforts to improve your boat won’t end up making things worse. Throughout the renovations process, make sure you have the right boat insurance policy to cover any potential mishaps.

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