The Most Beautiful Destinations for an Autumn Boat Trip

Post-summertime tourism rush brings about incredible autumn travel opportunities with brilliant colors that surround lakes and rivers. Flights and accommodation options decrease in price, making it the perfect time to book that trip to see the fall colors and relax for a long weekend or use up your vacation time.

Planning an autumn trip to partake in outdoor activities like fishing, kayaking, or paddle sports is a must to take in all the gorgeous hues of red, orange, and yellow. As we head into fall, here are some beautiful destinations to keep in mind as you plan your next big trip.

Bar Harbor, Maine

This spot on the eastern seaboard is an all-time favorite for those seeking relaxing boat time with brilliant fall displays. You can enjoy this stunning seaside town, cruising around the harbor and nearby islands and other points of interest.

Upstate New York

Head upstate when you’re in New York to find stunning autumn colors and changing leaves. From Lake Pleasant to Ithaca, you’ll come across perfect boating opportunities and space to connect with nature. 

Eastern Canada

During autumn, the colors are stunning all across Eastern Canada. From Montreal to Nova Scotia, there are endless areas to enjoy leaf-peeping and see their changing colors.

Lake Tahoe

This is a Californian gem! It is truly a beautiful destination to enjoy the fall colors. Rent a boat on Lake Tahoe and enjoy a day of cruising, relaxing with friends and family.


From Denver to Durango, there are lots of top-notch boating opportunities in Colorado, and autumn is a fantastic time to go. The changing leaves light up the mountainside, as the crisp autumn air blows through. It’s also a great time for fall camping!

British Columbia

This beautiful region, from Kelowna to Vancouver, with boat tours, water sports, or private charters makes for a fun spot that meets all your travel goals. 


Prague is a picturesque city for a boat tour. Cruise down the Vltava river on a canal boat, rent a powerboat on your own or paddle yourself in a kayak for a wonderful day exploring Prague. The colors that light up the banks of the river and the parks in the city are gorgeous. 


With all the canals and changing tree colors throughout the city, Amsterdam makes for an epic autumn trip. A romantic setting of Dutch architecture while boat cruising through the waterways offers an unforgettable adventure.

No matter where you choose to travel, make sure to have secured Boat Insurance before you go. If you’re planning on crossing state or even national borders, make sure you’ve discussed your itinerary with your insurance agent beforehand, as you may need to add on extra coverage. We hope you have a safe and enjoyable trip!

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