The State of the Marine Industry Workforce

In recent years, the marine industry has been focusing on hiring and retaining millennials to supplement the growing workforce. However, as most millennials are established in their careers and starting families, it’s time to focus on another demographic: Generation Z. As we explore the need for this generation to fill the work force, ensure your Marine Manufacturing Insurance is up to date and in effect.

For example, dealerships who sell to families with kids and teens need to find some way to get them more involved in boating (activities throughout the year), so there’s a possible interest of those wanting to be in the industry. Not only that, but when the money is earned to make a big purchase, they will want to spend it with you, explains Marine Marketing Tools. In addition, marine manufacturers can start targeting high schools to brew interest in the field. This way, they can pursue careers within the industry by taking relevant course work in their universities.

Another main hurdle to overcome for the boating industry workforce is electronics. While many people value their phones and electronics more than a day out on the water, it’s time for the marine industry in general to back to its roots and focus on the experience, explains Karen Bates.

As Baby Boomers and Generation X has the most skilled labor experience, marine manufacturers should incorporate their expertise into their current workforce training. For example, offer to pay skilled workers to teach and mentor younger generations each week.

Even more importantly, Generation Z can be lured into the marine industry by focusing on environmental and ocean preservation efforts. In fact, it should be encouraged to partner up with students or teachers in these roles to spread the education of fuel issues, safe fishing and boating, and anything marine related that gets looked at by the legislation.

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