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Tips for Choosing the Right Boat Storage Option

Boat Storage

While storing your boat at a marina can be a convenient way to access your boat and efficiently get out on the water, it is not always a cost-effective solution for boat storage. As winter approaches or opportunities to go fishing or cruising grind to a halt, your need for affordable but safe storage can have you looking in many directions. Whether hauling it home to your property, stashing it on a rack in a boatyard, or stowing it away in a storage facility, there are several things to consider when bringing your boating season to a close. How you choose to store your vessel can impact its safety and condition, so consider the following boat storage options.

How Do You Protect Your Boat?

When you prepare to winterize or store your boat, you need to determine how you will protect it. Saltwater that doesn’t get washed off can slowly corrode boat parts and eat away at the paint. Boats left uncovered are exposed to winter elements and debris accumulation. Vessels left in the yard can be damaged by falling limbs, become filled with water, get inhabited by rodents or insects, and grow mold or mildew. While a coverage policy with OC boat insurance can address some damage, you don’t want to take any chances with your boat.

Can You Put a Boat in a Storage Unit?

For those who want to pull their boat out of the water, there are both indoor and outdoor storage facilities capable of housing different sized vessels. However, putting your boat in an enclosed storage unit provides a better long-term option for protection. The only downside to this choice is that many storage units will be too small to handle larger boats. If your boat is small enough to fit in a unit, apply a coat of wax before putting on a cover. This step will protect the paint from moisture and microbial damage.

What are Other Storage Options?

Since storage units have such limiting size restrictions, you may need an alternative storage option. To preserve the longevity of your watercraft, take precautions against water damage regardless of where you store it. For those taking their boat home, a storage cover is a way to protect both the boat’s interior and exterior. Keep the boat on a trailer and off the ground. Drydock boatyards with rack storage is another option, as well as an outdoor boat storage facility. You will need to consider the primary risks associated with these storage options:

  • Exposure to weather elements
  • Theft or vandalism
  • Insect or animal infestation
  • Distance from home
  • Accident potential when maneuvering in or out of storage

Regardless of your chosen storage location, be sure to follow all winterization or maintenance processes before storing your boat. This will ensure it will still run smoothly when you head back out on the water after months of sitting in storage.

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