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Tips for Dock Safety in Marinas

Dock Safety

Operating a marina is a tremendous responsibility. Not only do owners have all of the business and employee details to attend to, but they also have significant safety concerns to manage. Maintaining the safety of your marina is the top priority. OC marina insurance is a necessary protection for property, employee, and third-party liabilities. Still, it does not provide for the loss of business that can occur if your marina develops a reputation as an unsafe facility. These tips provide some guidelines for the safe operation and maintenance of marinas, especially as it relates to dock safety.

Fire Safety

The risk of fires in marinas is high. There are multiple potential sources to provide the fuel to ignite the flames, from oil and gas to electrical equipment. Any wooden docks or buildings become tinder for a rapidly spreading fire once one starts. It is imperative to properly maintain all equipment and storage areas to reduce your risks.

Keep fire extinguishers up to date. Make sure all employees know where they are located and how to use them. It is also a good idea to include signage on your property that reminds boaters to do a safety check for fire hazards on their boats.

Dock Safety

Docks are prime areas for slip-and-fall accidents. Even if you have textured surfaces, the presence of water on any surface material significantly increases how slick it is. All staff members should be required to wear non-slip footwear. Likewise, visitors to the docks should also wear appropriate shoes. Since most marinas have a store on the premises, selling non-slip shoes is a great way to make sure that anyone who forgets theirs has access to safe footwear, and you get another income source as well.

In addition to the issues that arise from wet docks, there are also obstacle hazards. Make sure all dock walkways are maintained to be kept free of anything that would inhibit the free movement of guests. The docks themselves need to be kept up. Employees should regularly assess dock conditions, and any repairs that are required should be attended to immediately.

Boater Safety

Establish a means to communicate marina safety regulations. In 2019, there were a total of 633 boating accident fatalities; of those, 460 individuals were not wearing their life jackets. Stress the importance of wearing personal floatation devices, particularly for children and in situations that create higher risks, such as when boating in congested or choppy waters. Consider joining the Life Jacket Loaner program to ensure that all boaters have access to these life-saving devices.

Monitoring the weather is a service all marina owners should be providing for their guests. Post current and future conditions for the weather out at sea. Incoming storms may not be immediately apparent on the coast, putting those who head out into dangerous conditions. When staff know that the weather is going to deteriorate, they should strongly recommend boaters postpone their activities out on the water.

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