Tips for User Friendly Web Design

Marine businesses can maximize their traffic and income potential by improving the quality of their websites. To gain online traction, you need more than just a host site with some images to stand out. In this article, we’ll explore the basics that you can implement to improve your marine business. Before implementing any new strategies or updating your site, protect your business from front to back with a comprehensive Marine Insurance Program.

Tip #1: Go mobile.

The majority of people use their smart phones to browse the web. Therefore, your website needs to have a mobile-friendly version, otherwise smart phone users won’t be able to access certain pages and the display will be difficult to read. Bear in mind that this upgrade will cost a bit of money upfront, but it’s a worthy investment as your website will be able to accommodate customers who are at sea and have inquiries.

Tip #2: To flash or not to flash.

The ability for SEO rankings to identify Flash animations and videos has long been debated. However, to avoid any potential viewing mishaps by your visitors, it’s best to forego Flash animations.

Tip #3: Ensure continuity between browsers.

When ensuring that your new website is compatible with popular mobile devices, you should also consider browser compatibility across popular platforms both in their past and present versions, as well as the various operating systems that they may be being viewed on in order to avoid your website being displayed improperly. It’s not always guaranteed that boaters will be using the most up-to-date technology and software, so it’s best practice to ensure that your website is compatible with commonly-used technologies and browsers to ensure that no one will find a disfigured or unusable version of your website, says Marine Marketing Tools.

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