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Top Yacht Security Tips for Owners

Yacht Security

Nothing beats the feeling of cruising on the open water, but keeping their craft safe can seem daunting for yacht owners across the country. Safety extends far beyond having the necessary insurance policies in place. You need to be proactive to make sure your yacht stays in pristine condition and isn’t vulnerable to vandals and would-be thieves at all times. Here are a few proven yacht security tips to help you protect your vessel both at the marina and on the open water.

Inventory All Your Equipment

There’s no easy way to monitor who comes and goes from a marina and who approaches your yacht. This puts your belongings at risk for theft while you’re away from your boat. Though CA yacht coverage can help cover the cost of replacing items should anything go missing, you need to know exactly what’s gone to file a claim. Take inventory of the items you have on your boat and, if possible, hold onto the original receipt for any upgrades you’ve made. Your insurance agent will use that information to get you the compensation you deserve if you file an insurance claim.

Keep Your Vessel Locked

Keep your living quarters, storage areas, and hatches secure and locked anytime you’re at the marina, whether you’re on the yacht or not. This keeps thieves from being able to access your belongings even if they make it on board. If you have any valuables on the boat, store them out of sight in a secure area. A safe or bolted-down lockbox in a closet works just fine.

If you’re worried about the locks’ quality on your yacht, consider calling a local locksmith to upgrade your equipment. You can even get matching keys for each lock so you won’t have to keep track of more than one. While you’re locking things up, double-check each latch for security. If it jiggles or doesn’t fasten completely, get the lock repaired as soon as possible.

Be Friendly

Your attitude can go a long way toward reducing the risk of vandalism, theft, and damage to your yacht when you’re docked. This is especially true if you’re in a new area. When you’re interacting with people at the marina, be polite and friendly whenever possible. This encourages others to keep an eye on your boat when you’re away. While you’re out on the town, be kind to the locals and cultivate friendships with those you feel are trustworthy. Locals are less likely to vandalize or steal from your yacht if they like and know you.

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