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What Type Of Boat Is For You?


There are many different types of boats available, therefore; it can be difficult to choose when purchasing one for your own use. One model may look like a beauty in the sunset while another may provide muscle in the waves, but if a boat type does not suit you – your needs, preference, and personality – then it is not likely to be a good investment in the long run.

It is only right to wisely put your money on a type of vessel that you’d be happy to own and use for years to come. So, the question now is, how do you choose a perfect boat?

One thing to consider is your own personality. Whether you’re the adventurous or recreational type or a combination of both, there are options that you can consider.

While this may seem too broad, identifying your personality first would at least help you to narrow down your options until you are able to pinpoint which boat type suits you best.

We habe listed down different types of boats in the market and, here, they have been categorized based on the personality types mentioned.

Boats for Relaxation and Recreation

Recreational boats mainly suit people who like to relax while out in the water. They are best for lounging out in the deck under the sky or for entertaining guests in view of the waves. These are comfortable getaways, some of which you can even consider your home away from home.

·         Bowrider. This type of boat boasts an open design that features a roomy layout, providing space for either relaxation or for spending time with friends and family. It has space for relaxing under the sun plus extra seats to accommodate your companions.

·         Cabin Cruiser. Great for having a picnic out in the open sea, this boat offers cooking and sleeping amenities along with restroom facilities.

·         Cuddy Cabin. This boat is ideal for a day of relaxation under the sky or for enjoying water activities like fishing, swimming, cruising, or other water sports.

·         Deck Boat. The wide deck of this boat allows for eight to 12 people to get on board, and its power allows you to enjoy skiing, wakeboarding, tubing, and other activities.

·         Houseboat. This type of boat can be used for quiet getaways in the open sea. It has a dining area, sleeping quarters, and restrooms, so you can live and relax away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

·         Motor Yacht. With its powerful engine, a motor yacht can be taken out for a ride in large rivers or for cruising in the ocean. This has a good list of amenities so you can spend a relaxing time in the water or get into some water activities – all in luxury.

While it is often more pricey than other options, its features justify the cost, and you can consider boat finance options or boat loans to make the purchase more manageable.

·         Pontoon. This type of boat comes in several configurations and design, but they are generally equipped with a spacious deck for lounging and seating, making it a good choice if you enjoy spending rest days with family and friends.

·         Trawler. This boat is just what you need if you like relaxing in the ocean while still having the comforts of home, such as facilities for sleeping and cooking. It also has plumbing as well as amenities for leisure activities.

Boats for Adventure

Just like the boats for recreation, there are also different types of boats for adventure. These are the options for those who like to get the thrill out in the open, challenging rough waves or currents.

These types have been designed to be rough and tough, with performance and features meant to take on the rugged life of the adventurous.

·         Aluminum Boat. This is small and lightweight, made with an aluminum hull, but it is also durable enough to venture into shallow waters, inlets, coves, and places where other boats find hard to reach. It is affordable and suits people who enjoy freshwater fishing.

·         Bass Boat. Two or three people can board this boat for some freshwater fishing in calm lakes and rivers.  It has a low profile that looks sleek in the water.

·         Center Console. For people who like to venture into rugged waters to catch some saltwater fish, this open fishing boat can be a good option. It has shade, and some of its common fittings are outriggers and rod holders. As the name suggests, the main console is situated at the deck’s center.

·         Dinghy. This small boat is usually towed by other larger vessels and used as a companion watercraft. It is small and easy to transport, and can be used for recreational activities.

·         Flatboat. For those water activities in shallow waters, this is a good option since it is simple yet versatile to use.

·         Freshwater Boat. Another option for day trips and for fishing, this type was designed to be controlled and maneuvered easily in shallow waters.

·         Inboard Wakeboard/Ski Boats. For those who enjoy extreme sports, this boat can provide both the power and the speed to tow water skis and wakeboards.

·         Inflatable.  There are different sizes of inflatables, but they are generally suited for both saltwater and freshwater activities, such as water sports, fishing, among others. Being both light and portable, an inflatable can be used for short trips in the water.

·         Jet Boat. With this, you can have a speedy ride and then a spend time relaxing. It’s fast but there’s also comfortable seating and space for getting some tan.

·         Performance Boat. This type is for those who like to get the most out their vessel’s power and speed.

·         Personal Watercraft. PWCs such as jet skis are lightweight and easy to maneuver, and they provide riders some exciting short trips on the water.

·         Walkaround. Families who enjoy angling in large bays or coastal waters will be able to make the most out of this boat. It was designed with livewells and rod holders, and there are steps up to the forward deck that allows for a 360-degree access to the water so you can follow your fish as it goes around the boat.

Boats for Both Recreation and Adventure

If you are looking for a boat that you would be able to use for both adventure and relaxation, then there are boat options that can meet your preference. These are designed so you can either laze around or meet a challenge, depending on which you want to do for the day.

·         Multi-Hull Power Boat. The common design for a boat is a single hull, but this one features two or three. Also known as catamaran, it can be used for either freshwater or saltwater fishing, but it also lets you enjoy a leisurely cruise.

·         Sailboat. Although sailboats come in different sizes, keel types, number of sails, and other configurations, they are known for use in both recreation and adventure. Having a sailboat of your choice that have features that meet your needs can equate to unforgettable times in the water.

·         Saltwater Boat. With this, you can either try to catch saltwater fish or relax in open sea as you like.

·         Sportfishing Yachts. If you want to have more than a daytrip to pursue large fish in the open sea, then this would be a good option. Designed with sleeping quarters, a galley for preparing meals, as well as plumbing, you can spend several days on it, both as an adventure and as a time to relax.

Looking into the list, you can try to narrow down your options until you find one that suits you.

You need to consider other factors, too, such as its features, maintenance, where it will be docked, and so on.

Of course, budget is important. There are boat finance options or boat loans that you can consider, which you would want to invest wisely.

A boat that suits your personality and lifestyle is, more often than not, a good choice because it’s one that you are likely to enjoy for a long time.