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Understanding Boating Expenses

Understanding Boating Expenses
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If you’ve been following our boat buying guide, you likely know which type of boat is best for you. While you might be ready to sign on the dotted line and start living life as a boat owner, there’s just one more thing to consider: expenses and the cost of ownership. Fuel and docking are givens, but have you considered the costs of Boat Insurance, registration, and even safe boating courses? In this series of posts, we’re going to cover the ins and outs of relative boat expenses that owners should consider.

Safe boating courses.

Just like you need to prepare to drive a car, you need to do the same for boats. First things first, you should make sure you understand the controls, gauges, safety equipment, navigation, and features of the boat. From novice courses to advanced ones, there are plenty of different types. However, as a beginner, you’ll need to just focus on handling the boat safely and understanding the rules that apply to you.

Boat license.

This is another key thing to consider before buying your boat. Depending on your state or country’s laws, it may be required that you carry your boat license on you at all times. Apply for this before going in to buy your dream vessel.


Once you’ve purchased your vessel, you need to have it registered.  In the U.S., the basic requirements for vessel documentation are U.S. citizenship, proof of ownership, and eligibility.  The price depends on the type of boat that you own, and renewal is done annually.


Similar to owning a car, you’re going to need to factor in the costs of repair and maintenance. Replacing belts, hoses, fuel, oil and other wear and tear items add up quickly. Bear in mind that boats that are moored in marinas will likely experience some form of corrosion from the salt water, as well as facing outside elements.


Once you’ve gone through all of the effort in finding the right vessel for the right price, and preparing for ownership, there’s no better way to gain some peace of mind than to protect it with a Boat Insurance policy. Pricing of these policies depends on your limits, the amount of coverage, and the type of boat you buy. Consult with your trusted insurance agent who specializes in boat coverage to ensure you get the most comprehensive coverage available.

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