What Are Customers Looking for in a Good Marina?

In recent years, marinas have had to grasp the idea that they are in the hospitality business and must put their customers first. Customers want their needs to be understood and met, and marinas are no exception. Marinas must get creative with activities and events to keep their customers engaged, as people want more than just a place to dock their boat. After all, a safe, fun, marina with top-notch service is greatly sought after. 


Having safety and security is an understandable priority for those who are part of a marina. Customers strive to obtain a sense of security with safety precautions such as night lighting, a night watchman or cameras, as well as gates and fencing. Customers also look for a marina with a good safety reputation.

Some other safety contributors that may seem a little less obvious could be ladders for climbing out of the water, firefighting cabinets, the stability of the floats, the height of your piles and degree of wave protection. Individuals should make safety a top priority from the start by obtaining marina insurance. 


An easy to use facility can truly go a long way. Even something as simple as trash can placement and how easy travel paths are can greatly impact convenience. Customers want a marina that is designed to function, is easy to use and has a great feel to it. User-friendly, online services are another feature that potential customers desire.

Quality Service

Of course, a vital component to any facility is quality service with a good staff available to fix any issues that may arise, as well as for improvements to the boats. Having staff that can take care of engine issues, electrical systems or damages and other maintenance on a timely basis will earn the marina serious points.

Customers really want to feel special and as if they are part of the family, all while their perceptions, desires, needs, and expectations are understood. 

Don’t Forget About the Small Things

The type and quality of the utilities offered is important. A clean facility can not be underestimated, as dirtiness is a common component of boaters. Online promotions and reservations online are another great pull. Individuals must remember, even with a maria that exceeds expectations, it is always better to be safe and secure proper insurance. 

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