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What to Do if Your Boat Gets Caught in Severe Weather

What to Do if Your Boat Gets Caught in Severe Weather

If you love being on the water, chances are you’ve been rerouted or your plans changed because of a storm. No matter what size boat you have, storms can make things a little tricky. If you’re considering going out to sea, the first step should be to check the weather reports. Although you may get an all-clear, knowing what to do if you get caught in severe weather on or off the water can help save your life and possibly prevent your boat from incurring a lot of damage.

Here are a few things to consider:

Watch Your Speed

Don’t try to speed through the storm. Keep enough power to steer the boat and stay on course by trying to maintain things on a steady level.

Secure the Boat

Close all windows, hatches, and doors to keep excess water to a minimum. Any loose objects (particularly heavy ones) should also be secured to prevent potential injury. Put any extra gear and furniture away to keep paths clear on the boat. You don’t want stray items getting in the way that could hurt someone.

Light the Boat

Keep the boat lighted so any rescue teams can see you. Turn on the navigation lights to be able to see around the boat and what’s ahead. Good visibility is the key to getting through a storm safely and quickly.

Be Mindful of Electrical Equipment

Disconnect any electrical equipment you don’t need if lightning is present.

The goal is to get to the nearest port and secure the boat as soon as possible. Make sure you’re headed to a port that will provide adequate protection during the storm while trying to avoid damage. When encountering a storm, the best scenario would be getting out of harm’s way but that’s not always possible. Having a good boat insurance policy to protect your investment and cover any damage to the boat or passengers can make things a lot easier.

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