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What to Look for in a Boat Dealer

What to Look for in a Boat Dealer

A boat isn’t exactly an everyday purchase, so the stakes are high when it comes to finding the right dealer. You want someone who’s both trustworthy and reputable, but there’s more to it than that. You may also want to consider raising your standards if you’re really hoping to find the perfect boat for you.

Consider the Chemistry

Part of finding a boat dealer is actually developing a relationship with a single point of contact. If there’s no connection between you and the dealer, it’s not going to be easy to give them a call if something goes wrong. Unfortunately, it’s not always clear who you’re going to get along with and who you’re going to clash with until after a few meetings. Because a boat isn’t usually a spur-of-the-moment splurge though, you should have at least a few encounters under your belt to consider before committing to a dealer.

Facilities and Service

When something goes wrong with your boat, chances are you’re not going to want to wait to get it fixed. Some boat dealers can keep up with a steady demand, while others may fall behind during the height of the season. Letting a few weeks (or even months) go by is going to make it that much more difficult to haul your boat in for service or repairs. It may even make the issue worse the longer you wait. Look for a dealer who can service their clients quickly and efficiently. They should have both the tools and the staff necessary to fix even the most complicated of issues that may happen to your boat.

Listening Skills

This is probably the most important quality you’ll ever find in a boat dealer, so it’s pivotal to pay attention to how well they’re responding to what you’re saying. No matter how well the two of you get along, eventually a lack of listening will lead to a communication catastrophe. If you ask for a medium-sized powerboat that’s only slightly bigger than the one you currently have and the dealer takes you over to their biggest one in stock, that’s a sign they’re operating based on their playbook instead of yours.

Making the Decision

It’s not always easy to find a salesman who isn’t going to put their own bottom line above what you want, which is why it’s important to do a little research before you ever step outside the house. It’s also important to have a frame of reference before you choose, so visit a few before settling on one.

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