What’s the Best Way to Store Your Boat for the Winter?

Winterizing your boat and finding a location to keep it during the off-season is a priority as a boat owner. If you aren’t sure which route is the way to go, then this blog can help shed a little light in the situation. We’re going to break down the various ways that your boat can be stored, courtesy of Storage, and help you figure out which option is the best one for you and your boat.

Storing Your Boat in the Driveway

Storing your boat in the driveway won’t cost you a dime, but there are a few cons. Your neighborhood can prohibit the boat, you’re going to have to buy a boat cover and there’s a big lack of security. The boat will also be exposed to the weather and pests since it’s outside. If you live in a mild climate and a safe neighborhood, this could be a good option for you. However, if you’re looking for a bit more to protect against the winter conditions, we advise doing a bit more.

Storing Your Boat in the Garage

In order to avoid outdoor hazards, some will choose to store their boats in their garage. The benefits to this is that you’re getting a good deal cost-wise and your boat will be protected from the elements. But however, there are some cons. You’re going to have to deal with pests and critters getting into your boat, as well as reduced garage space. If you have the space in your garage, then go for it! If not, then don’t worry; there are other options.

Docking Your Boat

If you still want to take your boat out occasionally, you might want to consider docking it. When living in a warmer climate (such as Newport Beach, California!) this is the optimal thing that you can do. The pros to this is that you’ll have easy access to both the water and the boat. Your boat’s already in the water, so there’s nothing to worry about. As far as cons go, there’s going to be docking fees, barnacles and questionable security, depending on your dock of choice. On top of that, your boat is exposed to the elements.

If you plan do look into docking, thoroughly research docks in your area, and don’t be afraid to look into several in order to ensure that your boat will have the right amount of protection.

Dry Rack Boat Storage

Mainly found in coastal areas, this is also an option for storing your boat. These facilities have indoor and outdoor facilities to choose from. While your boat will be effectively protected from the elements and will have easy access to the water once you’re ready to use your boat again, there are also some cons to think about. There’s a higher price tag to use them, they can be difficult to find, and your boat is actually hard to retrieve in this manner. If you’re not planning on using your boat again until the spring boating season, this could be right for you.

Keeping Your Boat at a Self Storage Facility

No matter where you live, winterizing your boat and locking it down for the winter is always a very easy task. Self storage facilities are available all over across the country, with many accommodating large vehicles like automobiles, RV’s and boats. While there are varying prices that you’ll have to deal with, indoor storage offers more amenities, comfort and safety at a higher price tag. As for the pros, there’s countless options to choose from, such as drive-up and 24-hr access, and advanced security features that you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

However you choose to keep your boat stored this winter, remember that it’s always important to retain your Newport Beach Boat Insurance coverage. Many boat owners mistakenly believe that they don’t need boat insurance coverage if they are not using their boat, but accidents can still happen in storage, and it will be much easier to fix up your boat if you have insurance coverage.

If you’ve decided you’d rather take your boat for an adventure this winter, then stay tuned for our final installment of our winter boating series in two weeks: the best winter boating destinations.


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