Why You Should Own a Boat


Boats, especially yachts, are viewed as a status symbol. This is a reasonable perception considering how costly some of these vessels are.

However, many boat owners undoubtedly invested on their boats not because of status but because of the unique feeling they get when sailing out in the water. It is even said that those who own boats required little convincing to make the purchase.

On the other hand, there are those who admire other people’s boats and dream of having their own one day. Unfortunately, for one reason or another, they are reluctant to take a step toward their dream.

If you’re among this group, then it is time to consider the reasons why you should get your own vessel rather than thinking of reasons why you cannot.

So, why should you have your own boat?

·         Because it’s not as expensive as you think.

One of the primary reasons that keep enthusiasts from getting their own boats is fear of the cost, not just of the boat’s price but also of other expenses. These days, however, there are already boat finance options and boat loans that are reasonable and easy on the pocket.

Boats are investments, in much the same way that a house or car is; therefore, you need to treat is as such. Be diligent in doing research – identify the type of boat that you want, its features, and what amenities are inside, and then find a finance option that is suited for you.

You may be surprised to find that owning a boat is not as costly as you imagined. You might also realize in the long run that it is a less expensive investment than other options.

·         Because living the boat life is worth it.

Venturing out into the open sea, cruising down a large river, or fishing in a lake provides unique experiences that are not easily forgotten.

Because of the challenges, valuable lessons, and memories acquired through boating, boat owners seem to project a life quite different from most other people. They tend to have an air of confidence and a body that’s made healthier by exposure to sun and sea.

This is not the only benefit of owning a boat. With it, you can draw away from the pressures of daily life, both physically and mentally.

This will allow you to relax and look at things in perspective. By temporarily distancing yourself from distractions, you will be able to go back to the basics of daily living and appreciate the most important aspects of your life.

·         Because it strengthens bonds.

A boat is a very good venue for strengthening bonds with friends and family, and even with business partners and co-workers. The open air matched with the vessel’s limited space creates a relaxed, intimate atmosphere that tends to break down barriers.

Bonds are created when people coordinate and work together, when they share activities like fishing or wakeboarding, or when they eat, drink and relax together.

Since there are no distractions and everyone is far from the pressures of daily life, they are able to give their full attention to their companions.

For families, boating is an excellent way to catch up with how everyone is doing or feeling. Kids get to enjoy the attention of their parents without interruptions from work, and parents can give their kids valuable experience that they will treasure for life.

·         Because it draws you closer to nature.

Inhaling salty air, listening to the breeze, and feeling the rocking motion of the waves underneath are some things that boat owners enjoy. But it is not just about relaxing, because boaters also learn to be vigilant of what the wind, waves, and sky tell them.

Unlike many people who are too busy to notice the environment, those who go out into open waters learn to be aware of what’s going on around them and to tune in to what their surroundings tell them.

Boat owners connect with nature in much the same way that mountaineers and hikers do. They enjoy the tranquility of the natural world, but they also know to respect nature because they recognize how powerful she is.

·         Because of the sense of freedom and adventure.

Many people equate boating with adventure and freedom, and rightly so.  The activity provides a unique experience unlike any other, with water sprawled below and the sky spread wide above, without the security that solid terrain provides.

Moreover, each voyage differs due to varying conditions, something that elevates the sense of adventure and excitement every time you set sail.

Being on a boat will allow you to explore waters that not many people will ever get to see in their lifetimes, be it the middle of a huge lake, the center of a wide river, or far offshore in the sea.

Depending on your choice of boat, you can even travel from one place to the next, visiting boating towns and gaining even wider knowledge and experience. Some people have enjoyed their life on their respective boats so much that they call them their home.

These are just some of the reasons for acquiring your own boat. There are boat loans and boat finance options available, if you’re still having second thoughts due to cost.

Once you have your own vessel and begin your adventures, you will likely notice a difference in your life, just like other boat owners.

Remember that your investment will not only equate to owning your dream vessel, it will also be returned with something priceless – experience.