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Winter Boating Safety Tips

winter boating

From letting you get a little fresh air to allowing you personal time to reconnect with nature, there’s nothing quite as refreshing and rejuvenating as sailing your boat. However, while winter boating can be relaxing, it’s also important to stay safe, especially if you plan to take your boat out for a spin during the chilly and slightly more dangerous winter months. You may already have OC Boat Insurance, but there are other ways you can be proactive in ensuring your boat ride is as safe and secure as possible. Check out some top safety tips to implement when you take your boat out this winter.

Plan Out Your Routes Early and Always Check the Weather Forecast Carefully

While in warmer weather, you might enjoy exploring uncharted routes and simply letting your heart take you where it wants. When there’s a chance of snow, ice, sleet or hail, it’s imperative that you carefully plan out your route ahead of time. With extra planning, you can figure out exactly where you are at all times, let someone know for extra safety and turn back when you need to. This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy new adventures, however – there are plenty of winter boating destinations out there to explore! Just be sure to follow weather forecasts before deciding to go out.

Keep the Boat Dry and De-Iced, and Supplement With Heaters

It may be tough in poor winter weather, but it’s important to do your best to keep the boat de-iced, especially the mooring and the decks, to prevent accidents. To stay warm on the boat, you may also want to supplement with a cabin heater.

Double-Check Everything on Deck Before Setting Sail

You probably already conduct thorough checks before using your boat in any season, but when the weather is frosty, and the stakes are raised, it can’t hurt to do a double-check. After all, a few minutes spent conducting the check now could potentially help keep you out of harm’s way later. The following list is not exhaustive, but some of the items to run through before heading out should include:

  • Checking the boat engine, especially if there are low temperatures outside, to make sure it hasn’t frozen
  • Making sure the battery is fully charged
  • Looking for potholes and checking for possible holes and leaks

Learning the ropes of sailing and obtaining the right OC Boat Insurance are two basic year-round safety steps for any boat owner, but if you’re hoping to enjoy the fresh air and open seas this winter, you may need to take a few more proactive steps to ensure safety. From conducting thorough double-checks before setting sail to planning your sailing routes ahead of time and always checking the weather, these steps can make all the difference in ensuring you get to kick back while staying safe this winter sailing season.

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