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Yacht Maintenance Essentials

yacht maintenance

Owning a yacht is an investment that gives you the freedom to enjoy life on the water. You want to be sure that that investment pays off. There is a lot of responsibility that comes with taking care of your craft. A regular yacht maintenance routine protects its value, preserves its beauty, and keeps it in reliable working order, so you get years of boating pleasure from your yacht.

CA Yacht Insurance

Most California yacht owners keep their boats in the water year-round. Saltwater can wreak havoc on your boat’s parts, making it crucial for you to stay on top of taking care of your craft. What’s more, yacht insurance requirements often stipulate that you need to follow a regular maintenance schedule. Make sure you follow your CA yacht insurance guidelines.

Yacht Maintenance Basics

Though most people opt to let a professional take care of their craft’s mechanical maintenance, there are several procedures you can do yourself. Whether you decide to hire a pro to do the job or not, creating a yacht maintenance checklist helps you keep up with its care. Your checklist should include the following maintenance tasks:

  • Cleaning and washing: Every two to four weeks, give your yacht’s exterior a good scrubbing. Make sure you remove all bird droppings, as they are corrosive and eat away at the surface. At least once per month — more often in hot weather — clean off the bottom of the boat as well. Algae and barnacle removal are critical for long-term performance and care.
  • Waxing: Preserve your yacht’s paint by waxing everything above the waterline and up to the rubrail every three to six months. The higher the sun exposure your boat gets, the more frequently you should wax it. Likewise, dark-colored paints absorb more sunlight; thus, waxing is required more often than with light-colored paints.
  • System’s check: Your yacht is a complex machine. To keep it functioning smoothly, you should have all of its systems checked once per month. Not only does this ensure smooth operation, but it also saves you a lot of headaches when issues are discovered before they become major problems.
  • AC maintenance: AC lines need to be flushed every six months to clear and clean them.
  • Engine, generator, and drivetrain maintenance: Once per year, the major mechanical systems need servicing. Though taking your boat out of the water isn’t necessary, this is a good time to do so, as it allows you to check out the bottom of your boat.

Yacht Maintenance Additional Tips

Get into the habit of giving your boat a once-over after every trip out onto the water. Make sure to check the engine room for leaks, hose down the surface and conduct a visual inspection. Additionally, have your mechanic pull an oil sample from the transmission, engine and generator and get them tested. This provides you with information on each component’s condition. Do this periodically to keep track of your yacht’s performance and take care of any issues that arise.

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