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First-Time Sailing Tips

First Time Sailing Tips

If you are feeling the pull of the sea and are ready to sail your own vessel, there are some critical steps you need to take on land before you venture out on the water. You will need to protect yourself and your property by securing yacht insurance: the more comprehensive the policy, the better. One great option to look into is the Mariners Odyssey Insurance policy. This policy rolls several coverages into one, and includes such protections as oil pollution liability, substitute vessel coverall, and consequential damage protection. In addition to securing insurance, you should familiarize yourself and your passengers with safe boating practices, especially these first-time sailing tips.

Dress for the conditions. Even a sunny day can turn wet and chilly. Bring a waterproof jacket, a hat for sun protection, and non-slip, closed-toe shoes to reduce the risk of an accidental fall. There should be a life vest for everyone on the boat, and everyone on the boat should know where to find his or her vest and how to put it on correctly.

Explain the lingo to your passengers. If you’ll be the skipper, you already know that the bow is the front of the boat, the stern is the back, the head is the bathroom, and the dinghy is the small motor boat that carries you from the yacht to the dock. Your passengers may not know the lingo.

Keep Your Cell Phone Safe. Cell phones and water do not mix. Don’t keep your phone in your pocket as sailing is an action-packed activity. Move the wrong way and your phone could fall overboard. (Remind your passengers about this, too!)

Be careful where you put your fingers. Keep your hands clear of ropes and sheets, and blocks and winches. In a split second your fingers could be crushed – or worse. Be especially carefully if you’re in a boat that will be tied up to a dock. Actress Lindsay Lohan recently learned that the hard way when half of her ring finger became amputated when it became entangled in rope as she was attempting to anchor the boat she was on.

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